Nicodemi Le Murate Pecorino D’Abruzzo

Nicodemi Le Murate Pecorino D’Abruzzo

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Nicodemi's new quest was to make a wine with Pecorino grapes! The latest 2020 harvest brought Le Murate Pecorino Colli Aprutini. Wine cannot be made without some thought and Le Murate Pecorino is the offspring of a precise mission to produce a wine that reflects eloquently the nature of the vine. Here we have a wine that will unfold specific aromatic nuances but also a vibrant, stylish character. The preferred fermentation solution aims deliberately to extract the aromatic traits and striking structure from the skins. We are delighted with the result. Le Murate Pecorino is a winner with its feisty acid backbone, ample body and finesse. A linear wine that wagers on its confident nose notes to reveal its true character

This white wine matches perfectly fish in general, excellent with shellfish, crudités, fried fish; equally good with white meat like rabbit, poultry and mid-ripe cheeses