Atlantic Wines Nicodemi Le Murate Montepulciano D' Abruzzo

Nicodemi Le Murate Montepulciano D' Abruzzo

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For those who treasure traditions and will accept nothing that is not classic, this is the wine. The “Platonic ideal” of the red grape "Montepulciano" from Abruzzo, Italy. Extremely solid wine is the result of a mix of old vine Montepulciano and younger vines planted to narrowly spaced modern row trellising. Aged in French oak barriques, this wine is the classic expression of Montepulciano in the noble terroir of Teramo, a village renown for producing the best Montepulciano grapes in the Abruzzo. A juniper infused blueberry character in a superbly elegant version of this deeply colored variety. Deep ruby red. Impressive volume and length on the nose, with emphatic notes of wild red berry fruit. The palate shows admirable balance, full-fruited aromas, and supple tannins.

Pair this superb red wine with your favourite meat or pasta dishes or any aged cheeses dribbled with preserves, also with first courses with assertive sauces, such as all’amaticiana and alla carbonara.

  • Gambero Rosso - 2022 Award: Best Value Award for Quality and Price