Atlantic Wines Vigna Vecchia Vinsanto Casuario 375ml
Vigna Vecchia

Vigna Vecchia Vinsanto Casuario 375ml

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Our Vinsanto comes from the northern and central part of Tuscany.It has a golden yellow, very intense in colour. With hints of caramel, fig paste, roasted walnut. It is very well structured with a nice long lingering finish.This Vin Santo is produced with native grapes of Malvasia usually harvested in the second half of September. The grapes are hanged to dry for 4 months in a well airy room until they are ready for the vinification. Once filled, the caratelli are sealed and opened, then bottled for minimum of five years later. This desert wine should be chilled prior to drinking and best served with Gorganzola cheese!